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Arenga hookeriana

Welcome to Palm Seeds Thailand! - online shopping for palm seeds

Palm Seeds Thailand is an online palm tree seed shopping cart run by Thai Palms, a palm seed producing and exporting company based in the UK, the United States, and Thailand. We provide the opportunity for nurseries and individuals around the globe to buy small quantities of palm seed at the best possible palm seed prices. Thailand is central to many of the major palm growing areas of the World - Philippines, China, Burma, Indonesia, India and Australia - and this combined with its length and close proximity to both equatorial and sub-tropical regions means that palms in Thailand make an excellent source of palm seed for sale. Our seed is fresh from the source and due to our high turnover our palm seed stocks are continually viable. Hundreds of customers from dozens of nations have enjoyed our exemplary palm seed service and our customer service is second to none.


Palm Seeds Thailand has been succesfully exporting palm seed and palm seedlings to countries all over the world since the mid 1990's and we have become one of the major exporters of palm seeds on the Internet today. Our palm information website at has become one of the heaviest trafficked palm websites on the Net, providing palm enthusiasts with palm information and answering palm questions for almost a decade. Our palm encyclopedia is steadily growing and has become one of the best available online, and is unquestionably the bext website on the Net for information about palms in Thailand. We are palm people and we are Internet people and we have combined this knowledge to provide you with this palm seed shopping cart to enjoy at your fingertips.

Thanks for buying palm seed at Palm Seeds Thailand!

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